Making Love Last: Premarital Counseling Groups

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Connect with other intentional couples,
while you strengthen your relationship!

Stepping into a lifelong commitment with your partner is an exciting adventure, and it opens up lots of opportunities to grow individually and together. I want to help you make the most of this time so you head into your journey together with more skills and strategies to make love last.

What is Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling is a great way to strengthen any relationship. It provides a solid foundation for your future and is great for those who are engaged or thinking of engagement.

Premarital group counseling lasts 8 hours at a minimum. We focus on exploring topics in a safe space. Most sessions include activities that help you all reflect and discuss important themes.

Leading premarital groups is one of my favorite activities. That's because it's really fun to be with couples who want to build a strong foundation, and want to connect with other wonderful people. Groups are great if you're open to learning from other people and want to connect with couples in similar situations. When you're in a discussion with other couples, it's reassuring to hear that they have the same stressors and fears, and learn strategies to help navigate it all.

Bottom line: Premarital groups are a fun way to make new friends who are in the same stage in life, while solidifying your relationship for years to come!

_I enjoyed focusing on our strengths and taking what might seem like a negative and putting a positive spin._(1).png

What's included:

  • A FREE consultation before joining the group.

  • 2 Formats: 3 group sessions over the course of three consecutive weeks, that each last 2.5 hours long OR a 1 day workshop.

  • Your group will have no more than 7 couples - so you get dedicated time and attention while being able to connect.

  • PREPARE/ENRICH assessment and couple workbook for only $35.

  • Workbook with best practices and more activities couples can do to deepen their relationship

  • Light Refreshments

_I enjoyed focusing on our strengths and taking what might seem like a negative and putting a positive spin._.png

What will we talk about?

  • Deepening your relationship: Discover fun ways to build a solid foundation and create safe spaces to talk about difficult topics or when you feel hurt by your partner.

  • Family and healthy boundaries: What role do in-laws play in your life?

  • Traditions: What traditions do you want to create or continue?  

  • Communication and conflict resolution:  How to fight well and resolve difficulties that will arise in your relationship.

  • Finances: How do each of you view money? What system works for you?

  • Children: How will you transition into becoming parents? What does family life look like for each of you?

  • Future plans and retirement: What are your dreams for the future? How will your life look as you age?

  • Intimacy: Sexual health and Sustainability

  • Religion: Personal beliefs 

  • Personality & Stress profile:  How does your personality and level of stress impact the relationship?  Learn how to avoid common problems that could arise in your relationship.  

  • Cultural Differences: In what ways did your upbringing impact you?  Explore areas that come up during marriage for cross cultural relationships.

To join a premarital counseling group, please fill out the form below. I will reach out to schedule your free consultation and answer any questions. 

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My partner doesn't want to do this, what do you recommend?

This is a common experience, so you are not alone.  You can contact me directly for more information and articles on ways to present premarital counseling to your partner.  Sometimes people are afraid that if they go to counseling it means that there is something 'wrong' with their relationship.  However, research shows that premarital counseling is beneficial for all couples, including very satisfied ones.  


Are the group sessions confidential?

Every participant signs an agreement to keep sessions confidential.  The importance of confidentiality is addressed in the initial consultation to see if group counseling is a good fit for the couple.  However, groups cannot guarantee confidentiality due to multiple members in the group.  Sharing inside the group is encouraged and each individual is in control of what they feel comfortable sharing.  


What if I know someone in the group?

What a coincidence that would be!  Knowing another couple in the group can be a way to strengthen your friendship and support each other's relationship by gaining the same knowledge and skills.  If you have any concerns, please inform Anita.  As each couple has a consultation before joining the group, there is an opportunity to explore any conflicts or concerns.


When do I pay for the group counseling sessions?

After your consultation and acceptance into the group, there will be a $100 deposit to hold your spot.  Payment is due in full first session or can be split into two payments on the first and last day of group. 


What is your refund policy?

Because the groups are so small, payment is non-refundable. However, the deposit can be applied to a private counseling session or transferred to another group deposit with 14 days notice before group begins.  


Do we have to attend all the sessions?

To get the most out of this program, you need to attend all the sessions.  I understand that conflicts arise or "life happens."  Any known conflicts are discussed in the consultation session.  Please note: In order to qualify for the marriage license discount, you must attend all sessions or make it up through private sessions.  A lot of couples do a blend of group and private sessions as well.


Do you give us the Texas Twogether Certificate upon completion?

Yes! And the certificate is good for 1 year.  After completion of the group meetings and private session, you'll get the certificate! 


I'm in a happy relationship, why would I do premarital counseling?

I love this question!  Premarital counseling enhances your relationship and provides useful tools to help you intentionally navigate difficult times in a marriage.  All marriages will go through stress, so why not be prepared?  Losing a parent, changing jobs, moving, or starting a family can create stress on a relationship.  By intentionally taking time to learn how to talk about future stressors can go a long way in preventing conflict and disconnect in a relationship.  If your foundation is solid, let's keep that going with even more strategies and connection.


Do you work with LGBTQ couples?

Yes!!! During the consultation, couples will be asked their level of comfort of working with all types of couples.  Group members are screened to ensure that the group is a safe place for all individuals. 



This is one of the aspects that is covered in the consultation session.  If you are a couple that is experiencing a lot of stress or a unique problem that will take several sessions to work through, generally private couples counseling is a better option.  I have had plenty of couples who do couples counseling to resolve a specific issue and then take the group to intentionally cover premarital topics.

What is group like? Will i be forced to talk?

I use a blend of learning preferences so everyone will get to learn in their natural way. There are some group discussions, couple work, individual reflection, and group & couple activities that make each session dynamic and fun. Participation is voluntary. Normally I will give time to reflect on something as a couple or individual before opening up for participation.



Strengthen your relationship. Meet good people. Have a great time.

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