ADHD Relationship Bootcamp 

Want to learn how to communicate effectively with your partner’s brain?  This workshop is for The Tale of Two Brains™ (ADHD and non-ADHD couples) who are wanting skills to start communicating effectively.  These two brains can be AMAZING together once they know how to communicate with each other.  This is because they compliment each other well. However, society hasn’t done the best job at knowing how to communicate with an ADHD brain and has tended to use criticism or shame instead (like careless, lazy, thoughtless).  This can turn an incredible relationship into perpetual conflict when they keep fighting over the small stuff.

Typical areas of conflict a non ADHD brain experiences with ADHD traits

  • Household responsibilities: wanting less clutter

  • Time: wanting to be on time

  • Attention: feels like the other is distracted, interrupts them or doesn’t listen

  • Details: Missing important details on date nights, picking kids up etc.

  • Finances: Impulsive spending versus saving

  • Parenting: Feeling like the load is unevenly split in who takes care of the details

  • Confusion: on why certain things are challenging for one person when they are competent in many other areas.

  • Defensiveness: feeling like you can’t bring up topics without a big reaction from your partner

Typical areas of conflict the ADHD brain experiences with their partner:

  • Attacked- feeling attacked, criticized or being blamed by their partner

  • Misunderstood- feeling like the other doesn’t understand their intentions

  • Frustrated- many ADHDers didn’t get the help they deserved to develop executive function and have been repeatedly frustrated on not being able to complete ‘simple’ task

  • Household- wanting to spend less time maintaining the house, or preferring doing bigger cleaning projects than a little on a daily basis

  • Bored- not enough spark & adventure in the relationship

  • Parenting: wanting to prioritize more spontaneity and flexibility in the routines

These areas of conflict can become so big that it overpowers all the good in the relationship.  The good news is, once both partners learn new skills, most of conflict goes away.

When the Tale of Two Brains™ has a happy ending, this is what it looks like:

  • Superpower Couple- Knowing how to use the strengths of each brain

  • Adventure with Stability- Utilizing the creative energy while keeping a safe baseline

  • FUN

  • Less Clutter- in most of the common areas

  • Connection & Support - lots of behaviors to make the other happy

This workshop is tailored to learn about the ADHD brain and skills both people to use to make your relationship function better.  This is because most of the information out there is tailored for neurotypical brains.

This workshop will provide new ways to:

  • Decrease Defensiveness

  • Find creative solutions to manage household tasks

  • Build on the strengths that each brain brings

  • Tools to effectively communicate with both brains

Private and Group Sessions are available.