Group therapy can be more powerful and mutative than individual therapy
— Judye Hess, Ph.D

Skill Building Classes:


  • premarital counseling group

Premarital group counseling is a fun way to explore topics in your relationship and meet other couples.  The group will explore 4-6  topics from the Premarital Counseling list including communication, finances, and family.  It also provides best practices for increasing relationship satisfaction and deepening your connection.   Groups are 3 to 7 couples and will be tailored to the group's interest and needs.  Couples may choose to pay $35 to take a PREPARE/ENRICH assessment that highlights strength and growth areas of each couple and will be used during group classes.  Couples completing the 8 hours should qualify for the Texas Twogether program that provides a discount on your marriage license.  

  • Bring on baby! COUNSELING GROUP

This group is for couples preparing to start a family and/or who are expecting.  The transition into parenthood can be challenging.  This group utilizes research to provide topics and skills that increase relationship satisfaction after a baby.  It will also provide information on secure attachment between parent and child.  It will also be a supportive group to discuss fears and worries in a therapeutic setting.  Group includes one couples session to be used before or after the baby is born.   



  • Groups are 3 sessions or a full day

  • Group meets weekly for 2.5 hours

  • Cost of Group is $499

  • Couples must have a free consultation before joining a group

  • Optional Assessment is $35


  • "I enjoyed focusing on our strengths and taking what might seem like a negative and putting a positive spin."

  • "I enjoyed both hearing different perspectives and seeing that other couples face the same challenges we do."

  • "Anita was great and had wonderful information to share!"

Youth groups 

  • Adolescent Support Group 

Adolescence can be a challenging time, and connecting with others in similar situations in a safe space can be transformative. This support group connects youth that have a family member with a mental illness.  The group combines support, psychoeducation and therapeutic activities to promote healthy coping skills and understanding of mental illnesses and changes in one's identity.


Tween years can be challenging for youth and their parents.  This group for girls (ages 10-12) will support them in discovering who they want to become and handling the challenges of tween life.  This psychoeducational support group will explore gender roles and the media, self-esteem, healthy relationships and healthy coping skills to take on stress, anxiety and hormones. Group combines evidence based curriculum with therapeutic activities and processing.   Parents will receive information each week about each topic with questions and activities to explore with their daughter to deepen what is learned during group.  Groups are ideal for this age as it is a safe space to explore topics, realize that others experience similar feelings and experiences, and build healthy friendships.  


This group is similar to the tween group and may include topics of sexual objectification of women and sexuality (age appropriate/depending on group).  It will have more time for the girls to bring up issues in their everyday life and process it among peers.  The benefits of having a safe place outside of the family and friends is immense.  Being outside of their everyday peer environment provides an opportunity to discover who they are without fear of negative repercussions at school.  It also provides a safe place to connect with others to mitigate feelings of loneliness and fear of being 'the only one' that experiences thoughts and feelings that are not accepted by society and/or peer groups.  

general information on youth groups

  • Currently only doing youth groups requested by a school, organization or parent that has four or more kids. Please inquire about pricing.


  • "We're so grateful to have our daughter in this group with you. What a wonderful experience for these girls. I wish I had been in a group like this!"

  • " I think it is so wonderful the girls have this experience even if they don't fully see the value now :-). They will carry this knowledge with them and when they come up against all of these biases in the world they will have the power to stand against them or find a community to support them."

  • "My daughter was able to use things she used in group to help resolve conflicts at school"

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