Ever feel like there is a brewing storm that could explode any minute, But no one else seems to notice?

Anxiety is a helpful emotion that can help people make decisions or avoid dangerous situations in their daily lives. But too much anxiety for too long has negative health effects. The constant stress can lead to difficulty sleeping, muscle tension, headaches or even heart disease. Emotionally, it can be a constant drain, like carrying a 10-pound weight around all day.  

Anxiety is one of the most common things we all experience, but when this normal response occurs more and more frequently, it can be hard to cope. Many people even start to fear the onset of anxiety which can create even more stress.

Whether  you need support through a specific situation or need help with general anxiety, therapy can be useful. 

For anxiety treatment, I utilize methods such as  cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. We will focus on your needs and will build healthy coping strategies to manage anxiety and stress. We will also explore underlying reasons for your anxiety. By utilizing evidence-based practices, you can  regain control over your life and develop skills to manage your anxiety.